Solidarity Statements from Street Medic Collectives

By DefendJ20Resistance

The following statements of solidarity come from street medic collectives across the United States.


NYC Action Medical wholeheartedly supports the people who were mass arrested on January 20, 2017. We recognize that the “J20” trials are not being held in the name of justice, but are being wielded as intimidation tactics by the state in order to stifle future dissent.

As street medics, we especially recognize and stand in solidarity with our fellow medics who also face trial. Their work – along with the work of activists, legal observers, and journalists that day – is crucial in the fight against growing tide of repression today and the steady stream of injustices enacted by the Trump administration.

We honor your resistance and keep up the fight!

  • (NYC Action Medical)[]


We the members of Chicago Action Medical send our love, support and care to all 200 of the people arrested protesting President Trump’s inauguration on January 20, 2017.

We call on the prosecutors to drop the unreasonable and outrageous charges, which set a dangerous precedent for all people who wish to express public displeasure with the government.

We further recognize that the charges being faced by our friends and community members are just one small piece of the Trump Administration’s efforts to criminalize, incarcerate, deport, erase and silence many communities. We pledge to rise and fight in solidarity with all who resist Trump’s agenda.


We, the medics of Appalachian Medical Solidarity, are not intimidated and will not remain silent in the face of the state repression being exercised in the “J20” trials.

Those who were indiscriminately mass arrested on January 20, 2017 protesting the installation of the fascist Trump government are our comrades! No matter how these people saw themselves that day - medic, journalist, protester or bystander - we all are in solidarity with them to defeat these trumped-up charges.

We further commit that we still have all y’all’s backs. From the hollers to the highways for all political prisoners and those affected by the carcel state, together, we got this.

Keep resisting. Stay ungovernable.