Media Bank Pertaining to J20 Protest Arrests & Court Cases

This article/media bank collects news articles about the case. There are additional resources useful to this case at the bottom of the page.


-- The Real News Network: All Charges Dropped Against J20 Defendants, But Many Still Struggle To Heal


-- Newsweek:'The Government's Prosecution' of Trump Inauguration Protesters 'Should Scare the Daylights Out of Anyone Who Values Dissent,' Says Defense Attorney


-- WTOP: 234 arrests, 0 jury convictions: DC police chief calls for new law after inauguration riots


-- AFRO- The Black Media Authority: Review Highlights Metro Police Missteps During Inaugural Protest


The Intercept: In the J20 Trials, the Feds Said They Went After “Bad Protesters.” That Just Means Another Crackdown on Dissent.


-- The Intercept: With Last Charges Against J20 Protestors Dropped, Defendants Seek Accountability for Prosecutors
-- Washington Post, The Post's View: What D.C. police should learn from Inauguration Day about managing protests


-- Washington Post: Independent police group criticizes D.C. officers’ handling of Inauguration Day riots
-- Nation of Change: DOJ drop remaining charges against #J20 protesters


-- Tech Dirt: DOJ Racks Up 90% Failure Rate In Inauguration Protest Prosecutions, Dismisses Final Defendants


-- Inquisitr: Remaining Inauguration Day Protest Charges Dropped


-- Alternet: Prosecutors Drop All Remaining Charges Against Trump Inauguration Protesters After 'Epic Failure' to Prove Wrongdoing
-- Washington Times: Prosecutors drop case against remaining 39 accused in Inauguration Day rioting
-- Associated Press: U.S. government drops charges against all protesters at Trump’s inauguration


-- Washington Examiner: Prosecutors drop all Trump inauguration rioting cases
-- New York Magazine: Charges Dropped Against Remaining J20 Inauguration Day Protesters
-- Huffington Post: DOJ Drops All Charges Against Remaining Trump Inauguration Defendants


-- Jewish Currents: The Dual Conspiracies of the J20 Prosecution


-- The Hill: DOJ drops charges against Trump inauguration protestors
-- WAMU: DOJ Drops Felony Charges Against Eight More Inauguration Protesters. What Exactly Is Going On With Those Rioting Cases?
-- Buzzfeed: Federal Prosecutors Dropped More Inauguration Day Protest Cases After Another Bad Week In Court


-- Huffington Post: Justice Department Drops More Charges Against Trump Inauguration Defendants
-- Think Progress: Feds give up on another 8 cases in #J20 Inauguration Day protest crusade
-- National Lawyers Guild: Second J20 Trial Ends with No Convictions, Prosecutor Hiding Evidence
-- Washington Post: Federal prosecutors dismiss several Inauguration Day rioting cases


-- Huffington Post: Justice Department Still Can’t Convict Any Trump Inauguration Protesters At Second Trial
-- Think Progress: Prosecutors have failed to win all three of the J20 cases they considered strongest


-- The Intercept: Cop Who Wore Pro-Police Brutality T-Shirt was Previously Accused of Police Brutality


-- Pacific Standard: Jury Appears Deadlocked on Fate of Trump Inauguration Protestors
-- Huffington Post: Jury Likely Deadlocked On Felony Charges Against Trump Inauguration Protestors


-- Huffington Post: Jury Finds Yet Another Trump Inauguration Protester Not Guilty Of Felony Charges
-- The Hill: Trump inauguration protester acquitted on riot charges
-- WTOP: Inauguration protester cleared after 10 other cases were dropped
-- US News and World Report: Defendant in Trump Inauguration Day Rioting Acquitted
-- Washington Post: One Inauguration Day rioting defendant acquitted as jury continues deliberations on others
-- Washington Examiner: Another rioting case ends in acquittal as Trump inauguration trials falter


-- Wonkette: Prosecutors Relying On James O’Keefe Vids Shit Bed Again Because They Relied On James O’Keefe Vids
-- Tech Dirt: Six More J20 Protest Prosecutions Dismissed As Gov't Admits To Hiding Exculpatory Evidence From Defendants
-- Al Jazeera: J20 trials: Charges dropped for more anti-Trump defendants


-- Think Progress: Prosecutors hid mountains of evidence in trial of Trump inauguration protesters
-- Daily Beast: Feds Drop Charges Against Anti-Trump Protesters After Hiding Videos From Defense
-- Defending Rights & Dissent: In Light of Due Process Violations, Charges Dismissed, Prosecution Sanctioned in J20 Trials
-- Washington Examiner: Inauguration rioting trials in chaos with dismissals, possible mistrial, and talk of jury nullification
-- Think Progress: Prosecutors hid mountains of evidence in trial of Trump inauguration protesters
-- Sputnik News: More Charges Against Trump Inauguration Protesters Dropped, Prosecution in Chaos
-- Law & Crime: Anti-Trump Protesters Cleared of Charges After Gov’t Caught Withholding 69 Critical Recordings
-- The Hill: Charges dismissed for more Trump inauguration protesters after prosecutors found to have withheld evidence
-- Think Progress: Prosecution drops charges against core of anti-Trump protester defendants
-- Buzzfeed: Prosecutors Just Dropped More Inauguration Day Protest Cases After They Got In Trouble Over Project Veritas Videos
-- Huffington Post: Trump Inauguration Charges Dismissed Because Prosecutors Withheld Evidence


-- It's Going Down: #DropJ20 Podcast Update #6: Breaking Their Own Laws


-- Daily Beast: Feds Hid Edits in Right-Wing Video Used to Prosecute Anti-Trump Protesters


-- Al Jazeera: Judge: US withheld evidence that may have cleared J20 defendants


-- Think Progress: Prosecutor lied about key evidence in Trump inauguration protester trial, judge rules
-- The Intercept: Prosecutors Withheld Evidence That Could Exonerate J20 Inauguration Protesters, Judge Rules
-- Unicorn Riot: Prosecutors Illegally Withheld Evidence From Trump Inauguration Protesters, Judge Finds


-- CounterPunch: Decades in Prison for Protesting Trump?


-- Associated Press: Trials for violent protest framed as Trump vs the resistance


-- TechDirt: DOJ Still Wants To Lock People Up For Protesting The Government, Or Even Just Talking About It


-- HuffPost: Federal Prosecutors Still Trying To Turn Trump Inauguration Protesters Into Felons


-- Unicorn Riot: Second Trump Inauguration Protest Trial Begins
-- Newsweek: Anti-Trump J20 Protesters Facing 60 Years in Jail Report Financial Woes and Psychological Trauma
-- Washington Examiner: First people accused of vandalism at Trump’s inauguration go on trial
-- Washington Post: Videos show Inauguration Day protest defendants turn violent, prosecutors say
-- WTOP: Second inauguration rioting trial begins, prosecutors change tack


-- Buzzfeed: A Jury Acquitted The First Group To Stand Trial On Inauguration Rioting Charges. Prosecutors Are Trying Again.


-- Vice: Prosecutors Are Still Trying to Send Trump Inauguration Protesters to Prison


-- Sputnik News: Solidarity Wins: As J20 Trials Resume, Protesters Hope Mass Defense Works Again
-- RT: Reps or Dems, all US govts are 'oppressive,' says Chelsea Manning
-- Ruptly: Chelsea Manning speaks out in support of J20 defendants


-- News2Share: Chelsea Manning, Activists Speak Out Against J20 Prosecution


-- Al Jazeera: Criticism mounts over witnesses in trial of anti-Trump protesters
-- The Real News: J20 Defendant Claims Vindictive Prosecution and Retaliation in Motion to Drop All Charges


-- Sydney Morning Herald: Criminalising protest in the USA: the story of the J20 trial


-- Real Clear Life: When Will Rock’n’Roll Sing the Song of the J20 Defendants?


-- Shadowproof: Prosecutors Invoke Union Membership To Criminalize Inauguration Day Protesters


-- Think Progress: Judge grants feds a surprise extension in J20 trial, extending Trump inauguration protesters’ ordeal
-- IGD Cast: Manufacturing Extremism: A Round Table Discussion




-- The Intercept: Michigan State University Sent Nine “Undercover” Cops to Richard Spencer Protest — but It Says That’s Not Surveillance


-- Committee to Protect Journalists: Journalists covering protests in US risk getting caught up in police kettling tactic


-- Democracy in Crisis: Pseudonymous Sex and Anonymous Experts


-- Buzzfeed: Prosecutors Say A Woman Who Went Undercover With An "Anarchist Extremist Group" Will Testify At Inauguration Protest Trials
-- ShadowProof: Police Targeted Anti-Racists In Charlottesville Ahead of ‘Unite The Right’ Rally, Documents Show
-- The Hill: Woman who went undercover in Trump inauguration protest to testify
-- Splinter: The Feds, Still Chasing Inauguration Protesters, Bring Undercover 'Infiltrator' to the Stand


-- FAIR: Atlantic Bravely Confronts Twitter Insults, Ignores Threat of Decades in Prison


-- Pacific Standard: Inauguration Day Trials Continue to Threaten Activists Across the Country


-- Alternet: DC Police and the Feds Partner With Hard Right to Convict Trump Protesters


-- The Guardian: California police worked with neo-Nazis to pursue 'anti-racist' activists, documents show


-- The Hotwire #17: February 7th, 2018 (Podcast)


-- Washington Post (Op-Ed): Memo to D.C.: Protesters are not rioters


-- Independent (UK): J20 protests: What it's like to face 60 years in prison for protesting Trump


-- Teen Vogue: The J20 Arrests and Trials, Explained
-- Unicorn Riot: DC Police Face Class Action Lawsuit Over Trump Inauguration Mass Arrest
-- The Lawyers Guild Radio Show on KPFK (MP3)


-- Detroit News: Michiganians have inauguration protest charges dropped
-- World Socialist Website: Fifty-nine defendants await trial for protesting against Trump’s inauguration
-- Crimethinc Ex-Worker Podcast: #62: Support, Healing, and Redefining Resistance—2017 in Review, Part II
-- Global Uprisings: Antifa
-- Future Left Podcast: Ep. 88: #J20 and the Future of Dissent (W/ Chip Gibbons & Sam Menefee-Libbey)


-- Rolling Stone: J20, One Year Later: What It's Like to Face Decades in Prison for Protesting
-- Al Jazeera: Journalist among J20 defendants still being charged
-- In These Times: A Year On, Trump Admin Refuses to Drop Charges Against 59 Arrested at Inauguration Protest


-- The Real News: Prosecutors Push on Against 59 Protesters Despite Defeat
-- The Monitor: McAllen native seeks dismissal of inauguration protest charges
-- Court House News: Inauguration Day Protesters File False Arrest Lawsuit
-- Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press: Attorneys for Aaron Cantú File Motion to Dismiss Charges in Inauguration Day Arrest
-- The Intercept: Charges Dropped Against 129 Trump Inauguration Protestors — But Dozens Still Face Prison
-- Al Jazeera: Charges dropped for 129 anti-Trump protest defendants
-- Washingtonian: Government Drops Charges Against Many of the Remaining Inauguration Protest Defendants
-- WTOP: After most cases dropped, Inauguration Day riot defendants back in court
-- Al Jazeera: Charges dropped for 129 anti-Trump protest defendants
-- Washington Times: Federal prosecutors drop charges against 129 Trump inauguration protesters


-- The Independent (UK): J20 protests: Justice Department drops charges against 129 people involved in Trump inauguration day demonstrations
-- Unicorn Riot: US Attorney Drops 129 Trump Inauguration Protest Cases, 59 Still Face Decades In Prison
-- NBC News: Feds drop charges against two-thirds of Trump inauguration protest defendants
-- USA Today: It's taken a year for inauguration protesters to get answers, dozens still face charges
-- New Jersey Herald: Government drops prosecution of 129 inauguration defendants
-- USA Today: U.S. drops charges against 129 inauguration day protesters
-- Think Progress: Department of Justice abruptly drops charges against 129 Trump inauguration protesters
-- Huffington Post: Justice Department Drops Felony Charges Against 129 Trump Inauguration Defendants
-- Al Jazeera: Hearing for anti-Trump protest defendants to start
-- Washington Examiner: Prosecutors dropping charges against 129 alleged inauguration rioters; 59 defendants remain
-- Buzzfeed: Prosecutors Are Dropping Most Of The Cases Against People Arrested On Trump's Inauguration Day
-- Washington Post: Government says it is dropping most remaining Inaugural Day rioting cases
-- WTOP: Government drops prosecution of 129 inauguration defendants
-- Vice News: We spoke to J20 protesters facing up to 60 years in prison


-- Crimethinc: J20, 2018 - A Week of Solidarity and Outreach
-- FOX 5 DC: New video shows rioters smashing windows, destroying vehicles during Inauguration Day protests
-- WJLA: Prosecutors release trove of video from Inauguration Day protests


-- Al Jazeera: One year under Trump: A shrinking space for protests


-- Unicorn Riot: Interview: 188 Still Face Decades In Prison For Trump Inauguration Protest


-- World Socialist Website: American Civil Liberties Union sues DC police for attacking inauguration protests


-- Al Jazeera: US J20 defendants: 'Waiting is part of the punishment'


-- Pacific Standard: Inside the Vicious Crackdown on Street Medics
-- Newsweek: Cops Knocked Down and Pepper Sprayed a 10-year-old boy Peacefully Protesting Trump's Inauguration, Suit Says
-- RT: DC police sued over pepper-spraying 10yo at Trump inauguration - VIDEO
-- Carbonated TV: Lawsuit: Police Pepper Sprayed 10-Year-Old Boy At Trump's Inauguration
-- Wandering Aesthetics to host Electric Pressure Cooker Cabaret, 'Inauguration Protest Station' Jan. 20


-- Baltimore Beat:


-- ACLU DC on Why My Son and I Are Suing D.C. Police
-- The Real News: Previously Anonymous Police Officers Named in ACLU Suit for J20 Abuses
-- Washington Post: ACLU adds 10-year-old boy, mother to lawsuit against D.C. police in Inauguration Day arrests
-- News & Observer: NC woman and 10-year-old son pepper-sprayed at Trump’s inauguration are suing DC police
-- ACLU of DC (Press Release): ACLU-DC Names 27 D.C. Police Officers and Adds 10-year-old Boy as Plaintiff in Inauguration Day Lawsuit


-- It's Going Down: #DropJ20 Podcast Update #5: The Path Ahead in 2018


-- Salon: Looking back at 2017: A shape-shifting year that promises big change ahead


-- Washington Post: The first Inauguration Day protest trial ended in acquittals. But more than 150 defendants await their day in court.


-- Progressive: Acquitted J20 Defendant Alexei Wood Talks About Conspiracy, Solidarity, and Kangaroo Courts
-- Patheos: Inauguration Protesters Found Not Guilty in Unjust Trial


-- Verso Books Blog: Status Quo, No Anti: On Contrariness and the #J20 trials
-- EFF: Beating Back the Rise of Law Enforcement’s Digital Surveillance of Protestors: 2017 in Review


-- Democracy Now: Stoked! Journalist Alexei Wood & First J20 Defendants Found “Not Guilty” as 188 Still Face Trial
-- Washington Times: Inauguration Day protesters acquitted of rioting charges
-- World Socialist Website: Jury acquits all six defendants in first trial of Inauguration Day protesters


-- The Intercept: Jury Acquits First Six J20 Defendants, Rebuking Government’s Push for Collective Punishment
-- In These Times: J20 “Not Guilty” Verdict Deals Blow to Trump Admin and Shows the Power of Collective Defense
-- Chicago Tribune: Six acquitted in inaugural-day Trump protest that turned destructive
-- Press Herald: 1st Inauguration Day protesters acquitted of all rioting charges
-- Fox News: Inauguration Day protesters acquitted of charges following government lawsuit
-- NYMAg: J20 Defendants Cleared of Charges in Trump Inauguration Arrests
-- CBS News: Jury acquits all 6 defendants in first trial over inauguration protests
-- Jacobin: America’s Authoritarians Next Door
-- Buzzfeed: Inauguration Protesters Found Not Guilty On All Charges In Jury Trial
-- Austin-American Statesman: Photojournalist, 5 others acquitted in inauguration riot trial
-- Business Insider: First 6 defendants cleared of all charges in anti-Trump Inauguration Day protests that turned violent
-- Newsy: Anti-Trump Inauguration Protesters Cleared Of All Charges
-- Vice: Trump inauguration protesters acquitted of all charges
-- NBC4: 6 Protesters Found Not Guilty in First Inauguration Riot Trial
-- Washington Examiner: 6 people accused of rioting at the inauguration acquitted on all counts
-- Think Progress: Anti-Trump Inauguration protesters acquitted on all counts
-- Huffington Post: All 6 Defendants Not Guilty In Key Felony Trial Of Trump Inauguration Protesters
-- WJLA: Several anti-Trump protesters arrested on Inauguration Day found not guilty on all counts
-- WTOP: 6 protesters acquitted of rioting, related charges stemming from Inauguration Day
-- Wonkette: Inauguration Protest Prosecutors Lighting Constitution On Fire
-- Independent (UK): J20 protest trial latest: Anti-Trump activists found not guilty and avoid lengthy prison sentences
-- The Guardian: Trump inauguration protests: six activists acquitted of rioting charges
-- NPR: Jury Finds First Batch Of Inauguration Protesters Not Guilty Of Riot Charges
-- NPR: Jury Finds First Batch Of Inauguration Protesters Not Guilty Of Riot Charges
-- USA Today: 6 Trump inauguration protesters found not guilty
-- Washington Post: Not-guilty verdicts for first six people on trial in violent Inauguration Day protests
-- TruthDig: Jury Acquits All 6 Defendants in First 'Inauguration Riot' Trial
-- WUFT: Jury Finds First Batch Of Inauguration Protesters Not Guilty Of Riot Charges
-- Philly Inquirer: Two Philly protesters acquitted of charges in Trump inauguration riots
-- Paste Magazine: The First of 194 Anti-Trump Protesters Declared Not Guilty in Federal Court
-- Al Jazeera: Anti-Trump protesters facing decades in jail cleared
-- MIC: 6 defendants charged with rioting at Trump’s inauguration acquitted on all charges
-- Vice: -- Salon: Six J20 protesters acquitted after trial for Trump inauguration demonstrations
-- Newsweek: 'Antifa' Not Guilty: First of J20 Protesters Acquitted Nearly One Year After Trump's Inauguration
-- It's Going Down: First #J20Trial Ends: Round Up as Jury Acquits on All Charges
-- Unicorn Riot: Jury Finds Six #J20 Defendants “Not Guilty” on All Charges
-- DSA DC: Statement on the First J20 Trial Verdict
-- Pen America: J20 Trial Verdict a Welcome Affirmation of Protest Rights
-- The Hill: Trump inauguration protesters found not guilty
-- Sputnik News: First Six J20 Trump Inauguration Protesters Cleared of All Charges
-- The Stranger: Six Trump Inauguration Protesters Found Not Guilty of Rioting Charges
-- ACLU: ACLU-DC Applauds Jury Verdict in Inauguration Day Protestor Criminal Trials
-- NLG: NLG Welcomes Not Guilty Verdict in the First J20 Inauguration Day Protest Trial
-- The Baffler: A Show Trial that No One Watched


-- Kojo Nnamdi Show: What’s At Stake In The Inauguration Protest Trial
-- Washingtonian: Is Marching In a Group the Same as Driving a Getaway Car? A Jury Will Decide
-- Buzzfeed: The Jury In The Inauguration Day Rioting Trial Now Has To Decide What To Do About The First Amendment
-- The Inquirer: Their Trump inauguration protest turned violent. Two from Philly could be first sent to prison for it
-- The Intercept: Jurors to Decide What Constitutes Journalism in Trial of J20 Inauguration Protests


-- The Intercept: J20 Defendants Await Verdict in First Test of Government Attempt to Criminalize Protest Group as a Whole


-- FAIR: Judge Tells Jury: Informing Public May Be Criminal Conspiracys


-- Democracy Now: Medics, Observers & a Journalist Face 50 Years in Prison in First Trial of J20 Inauguration Protests
-- Al Jazeera: US: Jury deliberation begins for first J20 defendants
-- Huffington Post: Trump Protesters Facing Felonies Say U.S. Wants To Criminalize The First Amendment
-- WTOP: Closing arguments in Inauguration Day protest trial: Medic with first aid kit not a rioter
-- Austin-American Statesman: Trump inauguration riot trial goes to the jury
-- It's Going Down: #DropJ20 Podcast Update #4: The First Trial Ends


-- WTOP: Closing arguments begin in first trial of Inauguration Day protesters
-- Washington Examiner: Prosecutor says alleged Trump inauguration rioters are 'hiding behind the First Amendment'
-- Vice: The Strange Saga of Arrested Inauguration Protesters' Seized Property
-- WAMU: One Charge Dismissed, Others Still Stand In Inauguration Day Protest Trial
-- USA Today: Fate of Trump inauguration protesters soon to be in jury's hands


-- Salon: Trumped-up charges: Feds try to criminalize Inauguration Day protest
-- Unicorn Riot: Criminalizing Dissent: After Proving “Mere Presence” J20 Prosecution Rests Case
-- MIC: People Arrested during Protests on Inauguration Day still face decades in prison
-- Washington Post: Judge dismisses lead rioting charge against defendants in Inauguration Day protest trial
-- Washingtonian: Some of the People on Trial for Rioting on Inauguration Day Were There to Dispense First Aid
-- Vice: Judge throws out felony riot charges against 6 of Trump’s Inauguration Day protesters
-- Huffington Post: The First Felony Trial Of Trump Inauguration Protesters Is About To Go To A Jury
-- RT: Charges of inciting riot dismissed against 6 Trump inauguration protesters
-- San Antonio Current: Federal Judge Drops "Inciting a Riot" Charge Against SA Photographer
-- It's Going Down: Growing Connections Between the Far-Right & J20 Prosecution


-- Pacific Standard: Inside the J20 Prosecution: How the Feds Are Criminalizing Dissent
-- Think Progress: Cop at center of Inauguration protester trial exposed trashing liberal protesters on social media
-- Huffington Post: Lead Cop In Felony Trial For Trump Inaugural Protesters Sent Anti-Activist Tweets


-- Huffington Post: Photographer, Now Facing Felonies, Had Asked News Site For Inauguration Work


-- Huffington Post: Inside The Trial That Could Determine The Future Of Free Speech In America’s Capital
-- The Detroit News: Michigan 8 could face prison over Trump protest


-- Unicorn Riot: Criminalizing Dissent: Trump Inauguration Protest Trial Enters Fourth Week


-- Vice: Dystopian Sketches from Inside the Inauguration Protesters' Trial


-- Huffington Post: Feds Say Photographer Facing Felonies After Trump Inauguration Arrest Is ‘Fake’ News
-- Buzzfeed: Here’s How The Government Is Trying To Break Down A Black Bloc For A Jury


-- Washingtonian: One Person’s Prospects in Inauguration Protest Case Could Hinge on a Judge’s Definition of Journalism
-- ThinkProgress: Key officer in Trump protester trial slanders black neighborhood in bizarre testimony -- Democracy in Crisis: James O’Keefe and Project Veritas have no claim to the word ‘truth’


-- #DropJ20 Podcast Update #3: Police Take the Stand
-- Medium: I was falsely arrested reporting on J20. The prosecution of its protesters proves America is ripe for fascism


-- Washington Post: ‘It sounded like thunder.’ Witnesses describe Inauguration Day vandalism at businesses.
-- Unicorn Riot: Police Commander Behind J20 Arrests Joked About Holocaust, LGBTs


-- The Georgetown Voice: J20 Defendants Face a Miscarriage of Justice


-- Huffingon Post: James O’Keefe’s Credibility Is On Trial As DOJ Seeks Felony Convictions For Trump Protesters
-- Washington Post: Secret video of Inauguration Day protest meeting provided by Project Veritas
-- #DropJ20 Podcast Update #2: The State Stumbles
-- Unicorn Riot: Criminalizing Dissent: Contested Evidence Introduced in J20 Trial Testimony


-- Democracy Now: 20 Trial: 200+ Inauguration Protesters, Journalists & Observers Face Riot Charges From Mass Arrest
-- Think Progress: Federal prosecutors argue for the right to call Trump inauguration protesters ‘Antifa’
-- Guardian: US government uses Project Veritas video in trial of anti-Trump protesters
-- Huffington Post: Feds Use James O’Keefe Video In Felony Trial Of Trump Inauguration Protesters
-- Think Progress: Federal Prosecutors Show Jury Project Veritas videos in trial of Trump inauguration protestors
-- TruthOut: J20 Trial: Over 200 Inauguration Protesters, Journalists and Observers Face Riot Charges From Mass Arrest (Democracy Now Video and Transcript)


-- Crimethinc: Seven Things You Can Do To Support The J20 Defendants As The Trials Get Underway
-- Open Democracy: Rubber ball grenades and Robocops: can we trust the police to protect our protests?


-- Washington Post: Were Inauguration Day protesters rioting or lawfully demonstrating? That’s the question for jurors.


-- TruthDig: Arrestees at Trump Inauguration Protest Could Face 60-Year Terms


-- Al Jazeera (The Stream): Is the US trying to turn protesting into a crime? Part two


-- Citations Needed Blog: News Brief: #J20 Trial Update and the Political Definitions of 'Violence' with Sam Adler-Bell
-- Bustle: The Trump Protesters Who Were Arrested At Inauguration Are Facing Up To 60 Years In Prison
-- Al Jazeera (The Stream): Is the US trying to turn protesting into a crime?
-- Crimethinc Podcast: The Hotwire #14


-- In These Times: As the J20 Trial Begins, We Must Not Allow Trump to Imprison Dissenters When They Are Needed Most
-- HuffPo: A ‘Sea Of Black Masks’: Prosecutors Open Felony Trial Of Inauguration Protesters
-- Washington City Paper: Opening Statements in Trial for DisruptJ20 Inauguration Day Protesters Have Begun
-- Washington Post: Inauguration protesters were ‘playing a role in the violence and destruction,’ prosecutor says
-- It's Going Down: #DropJ20 Podcast Update #1: The Trial Begins
-- Orlando Weekly: The government's case sets a low bar for conspiracy charges in the J20 trial -- WAMU: Trials Begin For People Charged With Rioting On Inauguration Day in D.C.
-- Think Progress: High stakes trial of inauguration protesters goes off the rails


-- Huffington Post: A ‘Sea Of Black Masks’: Prosecutors Open Felony Trial Of Inauguration Protesters
-- USA Today: Free speech or destruction: First Trump inauguration protesters go on trial
-- Washington City Paper: Opening Statements in Trial for DisruptJ20 Inauguration Day Protesters Have Begun
-- San Antonio Current: SA Photojournalist Alexei Wood on His Looming Fight with the D.C. Courts
-- Washington Examiner: Joining 'sea of black masks' makes alleged Trump inauguration rioters guilty, prosecutor says at first trial
-- WAMU: Trials Begin For People Charged With Rioting On Inauguration Day in D.C.
-- The Real News: Seven J20 Activists go to Trial This Week


-- Huffington Post: An American Journalist Is Facing A Felony Trial This Week — In The United States
-- Washington Post: Amid questions about the line between free speech and rioting, trial to begin in Inauguration Day protest


-- Popular Resistance: Dissent Under Attack By Government & Corporations


-- TechDirt: Court Denies Government's Demasking Demands In Inauguration Protest Case
-- Indypendant: #Disrupt J20 Defendants Stand Trial


-- The Daily Dot: Harsh prosecution of Trump inauguration protesters should scare America
-- Washingtonian: Prosecutors Drop Felony Charges for Some DC Inauguration Protesters as First Trial Begins
-- Tech Dirt: Trial Set To Start For Journalist Facing Decades In Prison For Covering Inauguration Day Protests


-- Common Dreams: Punishing Dissent in the Age of Trump: What’s in a Riot?
-- VICE: The High-Stakes Legal Battle Over Inauguration Protests Starts Today
-- Think Progress: Registered nurse fights ‘collective punishment’ of Trump inauguration protesters
-- Truthout: As Trial Begins, Trump Protest Attendees Face 60 Years in Prison
-- New York Times Op-Ed: How Prosecutors Turn a Protest Into a ‘Riot’
-- Buzzfeed: More Than 200 People Were Arrested On Trump’s Inauguration Day. The First Trial Starts Today.
-- VICE: A journalist could get 60 years in prison for covering Trump inauguration protests
-- Al Jazeera: US: Trial begins for first group of J20 defendants
--NPR: First Trials Begin For Those Charged Over Inauguration Day Rioting -- WAMU: First Trials Begin For Those Charged Over Inauguration Day Rioting


-- The Intercept: Group Investigating Police Conduct on Inauguration Day Has History of Siding With Police
-- Sputnik: Nearly 200 US Inauguration Day Protesters Face Trials, Stiff Prison Sentences
-- Defending Rights and Dissent: Press Freedom Groups Join Defending Rights & Dissent in Demanding Charges Be Dropped Against Journalists Arrested When Covering Inauguration Protest
-- New York Times: Journalist Swept Up in Inauguration Day Arrests Faces Trial
-- Little Village Mag: Democracy in Crisis: Protestors arrested on Trump’s Inauguration Day are facing felony charges


-- Partnership for Civil Justice Fund: PCJF Lawsuit Confirms: Police Failed to Issue Dispersal Orders on J20
-- Mask Magazine: It’s a Police State Mentality” — J20 and the Racist Origins of Criminalizing Protest
-- Rust Belt Radio (podcast): Episode 11: State Repression and Movement Defense
-- Public Citizen: Ruling in Trump Protest Case Protects Anonymous Speech but Limits Protections for Organizers
-- Gizmodo:Judge Orders Facebook to Redact Info of Anti-Trump Activists Sought by Feds
-- Washington Post: Judge limits search of Facebook accounts connected to Inauguration Day protests
-- Buzzfeed: A Judge Just Ruled The Government Can Access Facebook Accounts In Inauguration Rioting Case
-- The Real News: Conspiracy Theories: The government's case sets lowbar for conspiracy charges on eve of this week's J20 trial
-- The Skanner: Lawsuit Exposes Police Violated Laws During Trump Inaugural Protests
-- San Antonio Current: Trial for San Antonio Photojournalist Arrested in D.C. Inauguration Day Protest Starts Wednesday
-- The Independent: Trump administration's attempt to access protesters' private Facebook data limited by judge
-- San Antonio Current: Trial for San Antonio Photojournalist Arrested in D.C. Inauguration Day Protest Starts Wednesday


-- Protesters dance with giant puppets to the Art Museum steps in support of those arrested at Trump's inauguration
-- Austin American Statesman: Texas photojournalist goes on trial in Trump inauguration riot case
-- The Final Straw Radio (podcast): ANTI-REPRESSION PANEL FROM THE NAABC CONFERENCE 2017 (Featuring a presentation on J20)s


-- Washington Examiner: First inauguration rioting trial could send independent journalist, six others to prison


-- Washington Examiner: First inauguration rioting trial could send independent journalist, six others to prison


-- USA Today: For almost 200 Inauguration Day protesters, legal battle is only beginning


-- TeleSur: Empire Files: Examining the Erosion of U.S. Civil Liberties


-- Anarchist Agency: The J20 Case – What You Need to Know


-- NBC News 4: DC Judge Reduces 2 Felony Charges Against Inauguration Day 'Rioters'
-- The J20 Case - What you Need to Know


-- It's Going Down (podcast): All Out to #DropJ20: The Trial and the Path Ahead


-- DCist: D.C. Police Spent $300,000 On Weapons, Equipment For Inauguration


-- Wisconsin Gazette: Records: D.C. police spent $300K to militarize police force for Inauguration Day protests
-- The Real News: Government Continues to Seek Data from Reporter's Cell Phone in Inauguration Protest


-- The District Sentinel (podcast): Sam Menefee-Libey from Dead City Legal Posse on the J20 defendants and the Trump administration’s crackdown on dissent


-- Partnership for Civil Justice Fund: Interview: Crackdown on Trump protesters


-- The Intercept: Hundreds Face Conspiracy Charges For Actions Of A Few During Inauguration Day Protests


-- The Real News: J20 Body Cam Footage No Longer Protected, Despite Prosecution Fears


-- The Nation: The Prosecution of Inauguration-Day Protesters Is a Threat to Dissent
-- LA Times: Which is worse, Trump's anti-media rhetoric, or his prosecution of 2 journalists?


-- TechDirt: Government Drops Its Demand For Data On 6,000 Facebook Users


-- DCist: Government Fights For Inauguration Protesters' Facebook 'Likes' And Reams Of Other Data
-- Politico: Judge wrestles with demand for Facebook data on inaugural protest
-- Gizmodo: Justice Department Drops Request for Names of People Who 'Liked' Anti-Trump Facebook Page


-- The Daily Beast: Feds Use Right-Wing Militia’s Video to Prosecute Trump Protesters
-- Engadet: Judge limits government warrant for info on anti-Trump protest site
-- The Register (UK): Judge tells US govt it has 'no right to rummage' through anti-Trump protest website


-- Dreamhost Blog: The End of the Road
-- Ars Technia: Court significantly reins in what data anti-Trump website must give to feds
-- Washington Post: Judge lets Internet firm redact user-identifying data in information provided to prosecutors in rioting case
-- NBC News: Judge Limits Data Feds Can Get About Anti-Trump Website DisruptJ20
-- Los Angeles Times: Court limits government warrant for data about anti-Trump website
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--WTOP: DC witholding report on police response:


--Washington Times: Prosecutors extracting data from cellphones of dozens of Inauguration Day arrestees: Court filing
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--Washington Post: Judge Requests Prosecutors Begin Sharing Specific Evidence with Defense Involving Jan. 20 Rioting Case


--Buzzfeed: With Felony Charge Looming, Inauguration Day Arrestees Make Early Moves To Get Cases Dismissed


--WTVR: Henrico Firefighter pleads not guilty to Rioting on Inauguration Day


--Washington Post: Protester Pleads Guilty to Conspiring to Disrupt DeploraBall for Trump Supporters


--WJLA: Office of Police Complaints Investigates MPD Response to Inauguration Weekend Protests
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--WTOP: Arrests, Pepper Spray use During Inauguration Protests Panned


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--VICE: More than 200 Protestors Face Felony Riot Charges for Inauguration Day Protest


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--CITYLAB: Cellphone Spy Tools Have Flooded Local Police Departments
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--NBC NEWS: More than 100 Inauguration Day Protestors Indicted on Rioting Charges


--Engadget: Facebook warns inauguration protesters over police data hunt
--WTOP: Police seek to ID 2 in Inauguration Day protest video
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--Daily Mail UK: Facebook is handing over data from the accounts of anti-Trump protesters to DC authorities who are investigating inauguration unrest


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--WTOP: Prosecutors drop charges for 5 arrested on Inauguration Day


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--Brooklyn Paper: Brooklyn journalists face felony rioting charges for inauguration protest coverage


--NY Times: Felony Charges Dropped Against 4 Reporters Arrested at Inauguration Protests
--WTOP: Charges dropped against more journalists arrested after inauguration rioting
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--AOL: Journalists face felony charges after covering inauguration protests


--Cops May Be Data Mining Inauguration Protesters’ Phone
--WTVR: Henrico firefighter reassigned after being arrested for rioting in DC
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--WTOP: Police: Videos led to arrest of inaugural rioter


--DC Dispatch: The Inauguration Mayhem Starts and Leads to a Standoff


--Crimethinc: Footage of police mercilessly macing person on crutches, an older person, and young child. The Bloc saves them (mid video for first two, Bloc participant is seen scoping up the child and running to safety at the end of video)
--Guardian live-stream



--Washington Post: (2016) DC raids are often based on little evidence, poorly executed, and destructive/violent(also just a good read)
--The Hoya:(2016) Stats on unreasonable searches and failures


--DC Police Practice Standards as of 2004 (aka a lot of the rules they broken when arresting people)
--Court case establishing that shouting at officers or impeding their duties (to an extent) is constitutional
--Huffington Post: Ferguson protesters recharged under questionable law (gov't attempts to profit off of protestors and cool free speech)
--Huffington Post: Article on attempts by police to cool political speech through mass arrest and mistreatment (by Kris Hermes!)