Motions Referenced in Press Releases:

May 26: Motion to Dismiss
May 26: Motion to Compel Disclosure to Defense Counsel

Useful Articles Relating to this Case:

These are some articles to help wade through the large amount of press on this case. These are intended to provide helpful context and background.

Current Climate for Political Protest:

--Esquire: How the Government is Turning Protestors into Felons

--The Nation: The Threat of Political Policing in the Trump Era

--NY Times: Across the Country, a Republican Push to Rein in Protestors

--5 Elderly No DAPL protestors refuse plea deals

Standing Rock activist push forward to trials despite court setbacks

--Activist in St. Paul arrested after protesting in response to the Philando Castile's death at the hands of a St. Anthony police officer

--Community activists fighting against police misconduct are facing charges of 'harassment'

--Jury refuses to convict six Climate activists

--Denver DNC unpermitted protestors win case

History of DC Policing Tactics:

--OPC monitoring report on inauguration actions

--Fox5 DC: Is Newsham fit to be top cop?

--Pershing Park Case

--Police Raid Policy Faces Critics

--Washington Post: Violent Home Raids Based on Scant Evidence

Other Felony Charges for Political Action (US):

--New Yorker: A Murky Legal Mess At Standing Rock

--Post-Gazette: Chase Iron Eyes and 75 other standing rock water protectors charged with Felony Riot (there are 725 additional people with similar charges)

--The Advocate (Louisiana): 15 Protestors in New Orleans face Felony Charges after Inauguration Protests

--Portland and Seattle May Day Arrests bring Felony Charges