Support J20 Spring Trials - Next Trial is April 17, 2018


In addition to the call for a day of solidarity on April 10, the following video gives an update on the 59 defendants still facing 61 years in prison after being kettled at Trump's inauguration:

The J20 case has the potential to establish legal precedent for charging hundreds if protesters with felonies: particularly anarchists, the Black Lives Matter movement, and a range of groups targeted by national and local police. Please do what you can to raise awareness before the next trial group, starting April 17th.

This particular group targets defendants accused of conspiracy for organizing the protest on January 20, 2017. They are at risk of serious criminal charges for discussing protest tactics at public meetings, distributing flyers, and appearing on a podcast. The April 17th trial involves a defendant subjected to a houseraid, which led to charges against three individuals who did not attend the protest itself. This trial will further reveal the degree to which some political groups are labelled extremist and heavily infiltrated in Washington D.C.

The defendants going to trial on April 17th and April 23 need your support! More trials will continue throughout the year.

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