Among all the common types of flooring, concrete floors seem to be the one that people tend to overlook. For many people, concrete flooring and its installation still cannot eliminate its monotone and industrial impression since people conventionally use this type of floor to build a storage house or a factory. With it being one of the strongest types and materials, it is not an odd thing to see that builders tend to build it for industrial purposes. However, is evidence that concrete floors can make the most beautiful floor for residential purposes. If you are still looking into references before building your home, below are the benefits you can expect from concrete floors. Of course, hiring builders who know a lot about the installation is required. They are usually the ones who come up with several ideas on how to make the slab look beautiful.

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One of the most common reasons why people go for the slab is that it offers high durability. If you do not want to go through all the hassle of the maintenance and replacement projects, this type of flooring is the best for you. Reports say that the highest-quality materials can last for years, ranging from eighty to one-hundred years. With it being a highly durable material, it can also make an excellent option for those who live with a big family. High traffic in the house requires strong materials, and a slab is indeed a perfect option.

Easy Care

Forget those complicated cleaning steps using several different liquids to clean the surface. If you prefer the slab as your floor, you will find it quite easy to take care of it. You do not even have to hire a cleaning service for the task since you can do it all by yourself. What you need to do is to clean the surface with cleaning tools you can easily find in your home. First, you need to sweep the surface with a regular broomstick to get rid of dust and dirt. Second, you need to mop the floor with a soapy solution at least twice a week to prevent the dust and dirt from sticking on the surface.


Another thing you can expect is its lower prices. Most builders charge $120 to $135 per square meter, and it is significantly lower compared to woods and ceramic tiles. The easy installation process is the reason why it is affordable. The builders only need to make a cement slab and install it in the desired areas.