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All You Need to Know About Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

Commercial kitchen cleaning is required for restaurants, cafeterias, and kitchens that are used for commercial purposes. When it comes to commercial cleaning, you need to have a checklist. The checklist will help you to keep your entire house clean without missing any spot.

The checklist will act as a guide so that you can be sure that all parts of your kitchen are clean. Cleaning a commercial kitchen might take a lot of effort, but once you develop a good routine, it becomes easy to do the cleaning. Here is all you need to know about cleaning a commercial kitchen:

Is Professional Cleaning Necessary?

commercial cleaningProfessional commercial kitchen cleaning is essential. In some states; it is a legal requirement to get professional cleaners at least two times a year. Professional cleaning is meant to remove all the dirt that is not removed by the routine cleaning.

Halo Restoration Services cleaners have all the tools and equipment that might be needed to clean your kitchen thoroughly. Call the professional kitchen cleaners at least two times a year, and your kitchen will remain clean.

How Do You Clean a Commercial Kitchen?

Cleaning a commercial kitchen involves some step by step procedures. When you have a checklist, it will be easy for you to do the cleaning in a short time. Here are some steps that you need to follow when cleaning a commercial kitchen:

Remove the Racks, Cabinets, and Other Items in the Kitchen

when cleaning a commercial kitchen, you need to have a good look for space. The first step is to make sure that you remove all the racks. Removing all the racks will give you space to see where you are cleaning.

Use a Disinfectant to Clean the Floors and Shelves

After removing everything, it is time to use a disinfectant to clean the floors and shelves. You can use soapy water to scrub the floors and pieces of cloth to clean the shelves and racks. The disinfectant is meant to remove all the germs on the floor and shelves.

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Empty the Freezer and Clean the Appliances

It is also advisable to empty the freezer and remove the foods that you do not need. This is also an excellent time to throw away any expired food. You can also use this time to clean the freezer and even the appliances such as kitchen hoods and stoves.